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User Manual

 The Figo Atrium came to me with a small in size and limited

explanations to the features and use of the phone.  Is a user manual


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An interesting suggestion and probably very useful for newer users, especially if they aren't naturally geeks.  I must admit to being a geek by nature.  My Atrium is also not my first Android phone, so I guess I knew in advance what to look for and it didn't take long to figure out how to get it to do what it can, as well as to figure out what it can not.  I would have to say that with the exception of the spouse's Galaxy S6 I have yet to see ANY Android device come with extensive documentation, although the Atrium "manual," such as it is, is pretty darn sparse.  I suspect if there were more standardization across implementations, so that for instance a Lollipop 5.1.1 device had the same basic feature set regardless of who made or sold it, it might be easier to do that, but with many vendors turning features on or off and loading their devices up with bloatware it is quite a challenge to be sure.  At least the Atrium is thankfully rather generic and the basic Android platform has been pretty much left alone.

Hey David,

We are working on improving the user manual, and are sorry for the hassle. 

Our devices run a very slim version of android based entirely on the nexus devices Rom. The following link should have all the answers to your questions:

If you would have any other questions please let our support team know by opening a ticket.

thank you.

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 A downloadable manual for the Virtue3 would be great as the micro print on the manual in the box is hard on older eyes.

Just got the Virtue 3 delivered. I can't agree with Mike more, as I just cannot read the manual.

Where can we download a manual for Virtue 3?

See the Virtue III topic for a link to the manual

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