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Virtue III

Just purchased one of this model in Canada and there is no information at all on your website or anywhere on the net.

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My phone said no sim card for a week until one day it suddenly turned on by itself and was working fine. So, from my experience and what I've read here, I'm assuming the elves and fairies are in charge and will just have to rely on them and hope for the best.

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Where can one buy the Model Virtue III battery that is used in this phone? 7-Eleven does not seem to carry them, and says ask FiGO...


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You can order a battery from
Calalta Supply Ltd,
#8, 3800 - 19 ST. N.E.,
Calgary, AB T2E 8V2

 Look them up via Google, etc.

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Would like to know where to buy spare batteries for the FiGO Virtue III phone. Phone is quite a nice little phone but the battery life is poor when using it regularily during the day.


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Phone says no sim card or sim card error. Sim works in other phone. Cellular Networks is greyed out.

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Hi. This happened to me too. Go into settings under "SIM cards" where you can select the SIM slot where the card is installed. When you select the slot where your SIM card is installed then under "SMS messages". It should say "CAN Rogers Wireless Inc"

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I am looking for software or drivers to let me connect this to my computer and upload music, download photos etc.  Is such a driver available?   Thanks.  

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Hello Mike,

The model you purchased is a Canada special, it will soon be available in the US as well and have all its information online.

I attached a pdf copy of our user manual, if you have any other questions please let me know and i will be more than happy to assist you.

Thank you.


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Phone says no sim card. I've tried two phones (both virtue III) and both are same. Sim works in other phone. Cellular Networks is greyed out.

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Robert Heyman, you can buy my phone and get the battery. It's new. Let me know if you are interested and what city you live in. I am in Toronto.

I bought a Virtue III on Dec. 10th and I still cannot send a text message.  

I received one text message on Dec. 23, and when I tried to reply to it, I get this message on the phone: NO PREFERRED SIM SELECTED FOR SENDING SMS MESSAGES.  I cannot find any information where or how to make a selection. The user guide (which is very poor) does not cover this. There is no online user guide. I have also searched on Youtube; no information. So, I have not been able to reply to the text message.

Overall, I am unhappy with the phone and want to return it. The keyboard is very small and difficult to use, The user guide is of little to no use. 

I am in Toronto. Canada. 

Thanks for reply. After two days of torment and two sessions with help desk I exchanged phone. Replacement worked as soon as old sim card installed at store counter.

I do not need two of these phones... and am simply looking for where I can buy the battery, but if the price is right I will buy the phone... and I too am in Toronto, basically across the street from the Sheppard station of the TTC on Yonge Street.


The user guide included with the phone has minimal info in it and does not mention SIM card activation. I quickly scanned the other user guide provided by the company in the post above, addressed to Mike,  and it does not deal with SIM cards either. 

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