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Battery issues with Virtue III

Hi Everyone, I recently purchased a Figo Virtue III handset from a local 7-11 Store in Sarnia, Ontario on November 30th, 2016; since purchasing the phone, the store owners at 7-11 refused to give me a receipt to prove that I had purchased phone, also had to buy 3-in-1 SIM card adapter, and package was sold to me open!!!! No 3-in-1 reader inside! My latest complaint is that I've had my phone do a drain charge 4 times since I've returned to Toronto with handset, going on #5 soon; phone is at 61% power; could someone from the technical service department kindly contact me at this e-mail

I really love the Figo Virtue III and I don't want to miss chatting with my friends, please help   Natalie Singh

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