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Virtue 3 screen calibration

Hi. Just acquired a Virtue III but the screen touches are off to the leftt making.typing very difficult and pressing the return.key instead of period ".". How can I calibrate the screen?

7 people have this problem

I have the exact same problem. Hope someone can fix it.
Yes I have the same problem..

I also have this problem with my Virtue III. Not sure if this is related but the bottom right corner of the screen also has a dead spot. Any icon at this spot is almost impossible to use or move.

I agree I have the same problem.  I am learning how to adjust my typing but it is difficult.  I hope there is some sort of screen calibration.  I like the phone overall.  

I have the same problem. I have to touch 1/4" to the left to get the digit I want. Is there a fix?

Wth kind of help I'd this holy total crap thanks for nothing

Same issue here, please provide a calibration tool, most Android phones have this built in in the developers tools.  If this has not been resolved within 2 weeks I will be returning the phone.

I  have the same problem, 7/11 should push for a fix.

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