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figo atrium 5.5 battery

My battery is really draining fast within 5 min it goes from. 100% to 80% I love the phone but I need new battery to continue to use this awesome phone...can you help me find one..ty Susan

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I did the Marshmellow Update  about a month ago as was recommend by your support and all seemed ok. In the recent weeks I notice that my battery is having to be recharged 3 times during the working day.

This is very frustrating

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That Sounds about right. Mine started having problems and they told me just to flash / update the device and since then the battery is so poor, wont read sd cards and Ive sent it in after they told me just to reflash.......


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It has been only 8 months since I bought FIGO ATRIUM 5.5 and already needs a new battery. I had problems with the battery since several months ago; it drained by itself as the time passed by. I used to leave the phone fully charged before bed, and by morning it would drop to 20-30%

I just hope the company "FIGO" sells replacement batteries; so far, it looks like there is no battery for FIGO??????

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I've given up on mine.  I thought it was a good deal but...... Like all relationships the real pain is not in letting go but in holding on too long.  I ordered another phone this past weekend.....  If they ever solve the battery and overheating problems I may reconsider in future

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You can probably find a replacement battery on eBay, but first, I would think this would qualify as a warranty issue. You might also want to check your Android settings, particularly for Display properties.  Enable the "intelligent power saving" options if they are not already enabled and if all else fails, try resetting the phone.  It surely should NOT be losing that much charge when left idle overnight, unless if for SOME reason the screen is left on.  Try leaving it in "Airplane Mode" overnight and see if that helps ??

FYI - mine can usually make it through a whole day with no issues, but I do not do things like watch movies with it.  It is just a phone and the screen is too small for my ancient eyes to do much viewing other than emails and text messages - maybe an occasional Web page lookup.

Good Luck.

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Thanks for the suggestions. It looks like the company is trying to find a solution to my problem. I may get a new battery under warranty issue. I will give it a second chance, and this time; I will leave it on airplane mode overnight.  If I continue to having same problems with the battery, I will just simply look for other options.

Peace and love for all.

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